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Is your pet’s scratching driving you crazy?

You are what you eat is not just an expression, not for us, and not for our pets either. Pet owners don’t always realize the correlation between a bad diet and countless trips to the vet for a variety of seemingly endless symptoms, such as constant scratching, ear infections, eye infections, hot spots, dry lifeless coat…the list goes on and on.

Do yourself and your pet a favor, educate yourself as to what’s in the food your pet is eating. When it comes to dog and cat food, you really do get what you pay for. If you’re paying $10 for a 40-pound bag of food, it’s guaranteed the food is of the worst quality, not only unfit for human consumption, but for animal consumption as well.

When you think about it, back in the day when our pets were fed table scraps, they were happy and healthy.

The literal garbage that goes into some very popular and well known brands of dog food is absolutely astounding! Avoid any foods that contain by-products of any kind, along with meat meal or meat and bone meal. It has been documented that 4-D meats - dead, dying, diseased and disabled, in other words mystery meats - are used in many popular brands of pet food. These include euthanized companion animals (with their collars), rancid restaurant grease, downed farm animals, and spoiled meats from the grocery stores from which the plastic wrap and styrofoam have not been removed before being thrown into the mix.

Substandard grains are used in poor-quality pet foods. Not only that, but those foods are mostly grains, which pets do not need, as dogs and cats are carnivores. Think of it as your pet eating white bread for every meal. That’s just one of the reasons for such a high incidence of obesity and diabetes in domestic animals.

These facts have all been documented over the years. The list is not only endless, but dangerous to your pets’ overall health.

What happens when your pet eats these substandard foods?

To put it simply, the skin is kind of like a third kidney. It’s used for elimination, and when contaminants enter your pet’s body, symptoms of scratching, hot spots and so many other ailments can, and usually do, happen. Those are the short-term ailments. Long-term are worse, with possibilities for diabetes, joint problems, heart problems, cancer and more.

There are many good quality pet foods out there on the market today. It’s important that your pet eat human-grade pet food, so that he or she receives the same nutritional benefits that we do. Good quality foods can be expensive, but keep in mind that your pets will eat less because they’re actually absorbing the food instead of it passing right through them - garbage in, garbage out. Also keep in mind the long term benefits of feeding your pet well - happier, healthier, and living longer just to name a few.

You can’t put a price on your pet’s health, or can you?

We all know how expensive trips to the vet can be. Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to take Rover to the vet because he just won’t stop scratching?

Just a little food for thought.


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